To redesign the William & Mary Homecoming website. 


The 2015 site was extremely bloated with content and was not built to scale with the event every year. It was also a 5-year-old template that needed to be refreshed.  


There were a number of limitations surrounding this project. The site had to be built in AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) and at the time we did not have a developer experienced in using the program. There was also a large amount of overhead that had to view and approve the site. That alone can make a project tedious and daunting. 


The developer issue was never resolved. The current developer at that time did the best he could do with what knowledge and time he had. The site still needs some fine tuning.

To resolve all the overhead, we just made sure that we kept in constant contact and that we got their final approval before moving forward with any final designs. 


I designed the website.


Knowing my developer and how to better design for their limitations will always be a valuable lesson. Also understanding and knowing the limitations of whatever language, CMS, etc. that will be used to create my designs will also be very important as I move forward in designing for the web in the future.