Park Avenue Staging is an established staging company that needed an identity and a web presence. 


They were trying to achieve their goals without any web presence or any distinguishing identity that helped connect sellers and realtors to their company.



When working out the details of the project from on-set, we realized that we did not have very many resources to build a compelling design for the website. The client and I needed to do some research on their current market and really put together a cohesive plan that was not only going to drive conversion rates up. They also wanted a unified brand that their clients could trust and relate to.



After multiple iterations, we concluded on a design. There process from wireframing to conceptualizing the identity was tedious, but necessary. There were a lot of questions and concerns, but with doing the research and user testing for the site and the identity we were able to make a breakthrough that created positive results.



I was the design and developer for this project. The client and I worked closely with one another, maintaining positive and constructive communication through the whole process.



The site is live and continues to produce positive numbers for conversion rates. Some of the things I wish I could combat are getting imagery and copy from clients. I have learned that clients have a busy schedule and that can make it very difficult to get content for projects.  I am still learning ways to gain content in a more timely fashion.


Link to the website: