Ashkore Technical Solutions was looking for a proposal cover letter. After a meeting and a long discussion, we realized that there was a bigger problem than just a proposal cover letter. We concluded that we were going to build out an identity for their organization along with creating the letter.



They were presenting themselves to large government organizations without a strong and sustainable brand identity. We needed to look at their core principals to construct an identity that their clients could trust and stand behind. 


They did not have a clear direction that they wanted to go in and there were several levels the identity had to go through in order to get approved. When designs have to go through multiple levels of approval it makes it difficult to conclude on a design.



We all agreed on having one individual having the final say on the designs.


I handled this project from start to finish. The client and I worked closely with one another, maintaining positive and constructive communication through the whole process.



There was a significant distant between the client and me, which made it difficult to maintain communication and get things finished in a timely manner. I found other forms of communication such as Invision and Screenhero to be amazing alternatives to emails and phones calls. Long story short, I realized that there are a number of tools out there to help designers with all kinds of bumps in the road. It just takes a little courage to give a new system/program a try.